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June 5th, 2016

Student Pulse is now Inquiries Journal

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Beginning in June 2016, Student Pulse is undertaking an exciting transition to a new name: Inquiries Journal.

We’ve been planning this change since late 2015 to better reflect the ways in which Student Pulse has changed since its inception in 2009. Most importantly, we believe that the new masthead and name will better serve our readers and those who choose to publish in our journal: both students and professionals alike.

Why the change?

The central purpose of Inquiries remains unchanged: to provide students at the undergraduate level and above an accessible way to participate in serious discourse within a range of core academic disciplines.

However, as the journal has developed and grown over the past seven years, our network of contributors has steadily grown to include academics in all stages of their careers, from undergraduates at the beginning of their path to graduate students, newly minted PhDs, and tenured professors alike.

We realized some time ago that the name Student Pulse, while having served us well, was becoming somewhat of a drawback in this time of growth at the journal.

For one thing, with the broadening of our contributor base, the name Student Pulse was no longer an accurate way to describe all of those who publish in the journal.

Secondly, we came to realize that the word Student, as a central fixture of the name, was providing the wrong first impression to both readers and potential contributors. It was never our intention to qualify the work that we publish through the connotation that our name conveys.

We believe that work published in the journal should speak for itself.

Rather, we want the work that we publish to speak for itself. While indeed most of the contributions you will find here are written by undergraduate and graduate students, we don’t want anyone to take their ideas less seriously merely because they happen to be students. And that is the most important reason why we are making this change.

Inquiries Journal will continue to provide the same quality and diversity of ideas that fueled the growth and popularity of Student Pulse over the years. But the goal of the new name is to make sure that we do so in a way that presents these ideas on an equal playing field without any implied qualifications.

Over the coming days and weeks, you will see these changes reflected first and foremost on our website and at our new url: All of our existing articles and issues will be redirected to this new domain in a way that will make the transition seamless. You will also see these changes reflected in our social media pages.

All existing submissions will continue uninterrupted, while previously published articles will appear under the new masthead with a notation reflecting the name of the original publication.

We hope that this change will help us usher in the next stage of growth and development for the journal, and we thank you — our readers and contributors — for the support you gave Student Pulse over the last seven years.

Here’s to the next seven.

- Dustin Turin
  Publisher & Founder of Student Pulse

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April 10th, 2014

Now Accepting Applications to Join the Student Pulse Editorial Board

Student Pulse is currently accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students interested in joining our Editorial Board. The Editorial Board provides crucial guidance to the direction of the publication and helps ensure the long-term viability of Student Pulse by increasing awareness about our journal on campuses around the country and the globe.

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March 17th, 2014

Guaranteed Expedited Reviews

We are excited to announce a new option available immediately to anyone making a submission to Inquiries Journal: the possibility of utilizing a faster review track. We are now allowing potential contributors to elect to have their paper reviewed in 3, 10, or 30 business days. More details below:

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