Guaranteed Expedited Reviews

We are excited to announce a new option available immediately to anyone making a submission to Inquiries Journal: the possibility of utilizing a faster review track. We are now allowing potential contributors to elect to have their paper reviewed in 3, 10, or 30 business days. More details below:

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, the average review time can reach up to six months per article. We are implementing an expedited option for several reasons:

To give you more flexibility. We understand that waiting months to receive an answer on your submission seems like an eternity in the digital age. You’re doing important things like searching for a job, applying to graduate school, and trying to establish your career. Sometimes you just need an answer sooner.

To provide financial support to our editorial process. By charging students a small fee to utilize the expedited review track, we provide an additional revenue support for the journal. Where we have such a high volume of submissions, this allows us to put these articles at the top of our stack instead of at the bottom, thereby allowing the submission to skip the line without compromising the quality of the review.

To make sure that timely articles are published in a timely fashion. Sometimes by the time we get to an article we discover that important events that pertain to the content of the work have come and gone. This is in some ways inevitable, but we hope that this new system will allow us to get to timely articles more quickly.


Of course it is equally important to emphasize that this process will in no way allow paid submissions an unfair advantage in the review process.

The expedited review is absolutely optional and we will always have a free review track available. We are 100% committed to making sure that Inquiries Journal is accessible to everyone in the world as a platform for disseminating ideas with no economic barriers to participation.

Paying for an expedited review does not have any impact on the chances of an article actually being accepted or published.  The acceptance or rejection of any article depends solely on its merits; this new process merely allows us to put the small percentage of ‘expedited submissions’ on the top of our stack of submissions so that we can complete the review normally, as if we had received it two to three months earlier. The expedited track allows the submission to jump the line, but it does not otherwise impact our editorial process.


If you have questions or comments about this new process, feel free to email us at — otherwise, the ‘expedited’ option can be chosen while making a submission, or for any submission currently pending review.