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2017 - VOL. 13 NO. 1
Consciousness is a thought-provoking phenomenon. In recent decades, though, the philosophy of mind has revealed consciousness to be, in the words of Thomas Nagel, "what makes the mindbody problem intractable" (Nagel, 1979). Though consciousness has made the mind-body problem seemingly intractable, to some philosophers, fi nite and irreducibly subjective conscious experiences call for an explanation (Locke, 1959). It seems to some that a scientific explanation will not and cannot provide an adequate...
A quintessential aspect of many American girls' childhood involves plastic bodies (Rogers, 1999, 112). Pieced together by molded plastic heads, plastic arms, and plastic legs that are efficiently mass-produced by our formidable technology today, dolls are inanimate objects: silent, unable to walk on their own feet, and certainly incapable of independent thinking (medicaldaily.com). Yet, despite all these characteristics, dolls such as Mattel's Barbies and American Girls play a significant role in...
Understanding the causes of metastasis in cancer is an important task in cancer medicine. Despite decades of research focusing solely on the genetic events implicated in the metastatic pathway, the actual causes of metastasis remain a mystery (Fidler, 2003; Gupta & Massagu, 2006). In cancer medicine, the current definition of metastasis is the growth of tumor cells that have become detached from the primary tumor, which is a fairly precise one. Recent work has shown that there is a strong genetic...