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2015, Vol. 5 No. 1
After conducting a study in May of 2014 on nutrition communication in Ecuador and how it affects consumer behaviour, researchers identified a gap between the level of education obtained by students and the knowledge of nutrition provided to them... Read Article »

Brittany Pitruniak: A recent graduate of MacEwan's Communication Studies program, Brittany continues her time at MacEwan as the President of the Students' Association of MacEwan University and a member of the MacEwan Board of Governors. Brittany is a passionate advocate. In the community, Brittany is the Vice Chair of Communications for Equal Voice Alberta Northern Chapter (EVAN). A lover of travel and change, you will find Brittany embracing both in all of her roles. Kathryn Adachi: Kathryn is a third-year Communication Studies student majoring in Journalism at MacEwan University. A lifelong writer and artist, she has used her time at MacEwan to further her knowledge in all fields, including photography and graphic design. She has won a number of awards for her achievements in Journalism studies. Morgan Messelink: Morgan is a fourth year professional communications student at MacEwan University. Before submerging in the field of communications, I studied Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Alberta. My interest in both nutrition and communications were put to good use throughout the entirety of this article. I also explored this topic a bit while volunteering in Ghana so it was neat to see how the two experiences compared. Having this article published is a great accomplishment for Brittany, Kathryn, and myself.

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