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Inquiries Journal: Special Editions is an imprint of Inquiries Journal. Under this imprint Inquiries publishes special editions such as the biannual High School Spotlight.

Inquiries Journal was founded in 2009 and is an open-access publication focusing on the work of students at the undergraduate level and above, with a particular emphasis on the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

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VOL. 2020 NO. 1
China’s rise as a global power has major implications for the future of free speech and media censorship both within and outside the People’s Republic. While there are numerous examples of the Chinese Communist Party employing blanket bans on accessing information, it also often frequently permits the presence of media unfavorable to the party due to the current state strategy of “public opinion guidance” that utilizes centrally commanded counter-narratives that delegitimize...
This research paper investigates the impact that the rhetoric of a populist conservative ethnic entrepreneur can have on ethnic conflict by analyzing the tweets of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Over the years, the emergence of right-wing leaders in power has led to the increasing importance of the study of their impacts on society. Ethnic conflict between Indian Hindus and Muslims has recently been exacerbated, so India under Modi’s tenure was an ideal nation to study. The original...
The 19th century, a tumultuous period which saw a momentous change to a way of life, also saw the implementation of the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, a decisive change in England’s relationship with its poor. The local parish based poor relief now became a national program run by the Poor Law Board, and what was a charity based model was tweaked into one focused on deterrence. Yet, as this paper argues, with all the good intentions with which these changes were implemented, the Poor Law...
Communication between doctors or health authorities and the population is important to the implementation of public health policies. Even when the government and the people have no cultural conflicts, violent riots may happen due to the distrust of authority, typified by the Italian cholera riots of 1910-11. In cases where the public health authorities and the population do not share a common culture, it is harder for effective communication to form between them. Linguistic, cultural, and ideological...
Time has always been an abstract concept in human languages. To better understand how this temporal concept is addressed in different languages, it can be explored in the context of classical times through Latin texts. In the well-known piece The Aeneid, the author Virgil constantly refers to the concept of time in an overlapping timeline and we can interpret the intertwined timeline through figuration, substitution and action. This use of metaphors to visualize the abstract temporal...