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The Center for Development and Strategy is a non-partisan think tank devoted to research and discussion of the nexus between sustainability, development, and global security. CDS publishes the work of experts, professors, graduate students, and undergraduates from around the world. It is a legally registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service and was founded in November 2014.

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Center for Development and Strategy
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VOL. 2016 NO. 2
This paper evaluates the ethical dilemma coalition forces had to face when deciding to target and take out ISIL's primary source of revenue – oil. By gathering the impacts ISIL has had on the globe as well as the impacts aerial attacks could have on the MENA region; this paper was able to create a decision matrix that quantitatively weighs the options decision-makers had to limit further harm done on the region's society, environment, and economy. This paper serves as a baseline tool by which...
Dams have been used for centuries to assist with the development of human civilization. Access to drinking water, flood control and agricultural irrigation are historical reasons for the development of dams and river impoundments. The abundance of large rivers in Ontario has enabled 22% of the province's power generation to be based on renewable hydroelectric power. The composition of Ontario's energy portfolio is shifting away from carbon intensive energy production and towards hydroelectric power...