Improving Grid Power Quality With FACTS Device on Integration of Wind Energy System

By Yuvaraj V
2011, Vol. 3 No. 04 | pg. 1/1


Renewable energy sources, which are expected to be a promising alternative energy source, can bring new challenges when connected to the grid. However, the generated power from renewable energy source is always fluctuating due to environmental conditions. In the same way, wind power injection into an electric grid affects the power quality due to the fluctuation nature of the wind and the comparatively new types of its generators. On the basis of measurements and norms followed according to the guidelines specified in IEC-61400 (International Electro-technical Commission) standard, the performance of the wind turbine and thereby power quality are determined. The power arising out of the wind turbine when connected to a grid system concerning the power quality measurements, are: active power, reactive power, voltage sag, voltage swell, flicker, harmonics, and electrical behaviour of switching operation. These are measured according to national/international guidelines. This paper clearly shows the existence of power quality problem due to installation of wind turbines with the grid. In this proposed scheme a FACTS device {STATIC COMPENSATOR (STATCOM)} is connected at a point of common coupling with a battery energy storage system (BESS) to reduce the power quality problems. The battery energy storage system is integrated to support the real power source under fluctuating wind power. The FACTS Device (STATCOM) control scheme for the grid connected wind energy generation system to improve the power quality is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK in power system block set. The intended result of the proposed scheme relives the main supply source from the reactive power demand of the load and the induction generator. From the obtained results, we have consolidated the feasibility and practicability of the approach for the applications considered.

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